PPI Claim Back Where You Missold a PPI Policies

PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, is a financial insurance often sold alongside loans, credit cards, store cards and mortgages, with the purpose of covering repayments in the event of illness or unemployment. However, it has now been discovered that millions of PPI policies have been mis-sold by banks and other financial institutions, and if this describes your experience then what’s stopping YOU from claiming back your PPI?PPI Claim

If you fall into one of the following categories then you could claim back your PPI today

Were you told that the PPI was compulsory?

If you were advised that PPI was essential alongside your financial product, then you were mis-sold the policy and you have a claim.

Was the PPI policy suitable for you?

Many policies have been sold incorrectly to the unemployed, retired or self-employed, and if your policy did not have cover for your specific situation at the time then you could have a claim.

Were you told about the PPI you were purchasing?

Astonishingly, many consumers do not even realise that they have been paying for PPI, as they were not advised that they were purchasing a policy! Even if you don’t think that claiming back PPI is relevant to you, check your loan agreement or credit card statement. If you discover that you do in fact have a policy then you have a claim.

Did you have a pre-existing medical condition?

The majority of PPI policies exclude any health problems that were in existence at the time of taking it out, and if you weren’t advised of this then you have a claim.

Re-claiming mis sold PPI can be a stressful process that many people do not have time for in their busy lives, so why not let us do all the hard work for you? We will work hard on your behalf to re-claim every one of the PPI payments made, as well as the actual cost of the interest and a further 8% interest on top.


PPI Claims Refund from Your PPI Policy

It is a common practice for lenders to offer PPI or payment protection insurance when you take loans for buying a home or car or for any other purpose. Basically, a PPI policy is meant to help you in repaying the loan in case you are not able to make the payment to the lender. The downside is such a policy can be fairly expensive to any customer. Hence, it is quite likely that customers may or may not buy the policy. Unfortunately, most of the people are pressurized by their lenders to take a PPI policy when they apply for a loan. Similarly, many lenders do not let the borrowers know that they were sold a PPI policy without their consent. However, the UK law has passed a resolution stating that borrowers can make PPI claims on mis sold PPIs.

In order to be eligible for PPI claims, you have to ensure whether you were mis sold a PPI policy without your knowledge or consent, or pressurized to take the policy. If you think that you are a legitimate victim of mis sold PPI, you can definitely get refund on your PPI policy. First and foremost, go through legal provisions regarding PPI reclaim, and find out whether you qualify for the claim. Once you ascertain a genuine reason for mis selling of the PPI policy, it’s time to file for the claim.ppi claims

Collect all of your policy papers, and contact your lender about the incident of mis selling of the PPI policy. Discuss the issue with your lender, and ask him for the refund. Make sure to write a note to the lender about the mis selling of the payment protection insurance because only written complaints about PPI claims are addressed and refunded. Submit the note with a claim form duly filled in. Finally, sit back and wait for the refund from your lender.


Benefits of a PPI Claim Calculator

Insuring the repayment of loans has been faced by challenges of mis-selling the product to customers. This has seen borrowers lose their cash in the process of repaying the loan. This is through the interest charged and lack of enough information about the whole process. A PPI claim calculator comes in to help one identify if a bank owes him or her.

In the recent years, thousands of dollars has been refunded to clients who were earlier on unaware of such money. This has been made possible through the use of the computerized gadget after filling in few details. The process is quite simple and a person also gets the answer within a short period. This helps a lot as one is able to file the claim without much delay.PPI

Professionals have come up to assist people find how much they can claim. This is through their advice and free service. The Payment protection insurance, PPI claim calculators designed by the firms offers accurate figures unlike when a client can be made to believe wrong figures by the bank. They also offer the steps which a person can take to get his or her refund.

When a person is securing the repayment of a loan, he or she may have insufficient information. This poses a risk of being misled by the salesmen about the insurance product. With the invention of the calculator, this has been solved as banks are now aware that one will finally get to know the truth. Thus, they avoid mis-selling the product. This is because it serves as a watchdog in favour of the clients.

A PPI claim calculator is easier to find with many companies coming in to assist the bulging number of claims made daily. This gives the assurance, that through the competition to offer the best, one can have the finest service while making a claim. Directions are also given in the online platform to help make the process quite user friendly.


PPI Calculator Calculate How Much You Can Claim Back !

Have you been wondering whether or not you can claim back your payment protection insurance? Have you been wondering how much money that ppi claim might be worth? If so, look no further. The ppi calculator can provide an estimate for how much you can claim back. This tool is fast, efficient and easy. With this simple calculator, citizens here in the UK will be able to handle their payment protection insurance claims with ease. This tool is ideal for people who are interested in finding out what their ppi claim could be worth. Simply provide the calculator with some basic information and in no time you’ll have a clear idea of how much money your claim could make you.PPI

With the payment protection insurance calculator on your side, you have the ability to find out how much your claim might be worth. Therefore, by using this calculator you can decide whether or not your claim is worth pursuing. Ppi claims can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re getting into ahead of time. By using the ppi calculator you can get a general idea of how much your claim might be worth before you even have to begin filing any actual claims.

This tool is intended to help UK citizens who are wondering how much their ppi claims are worth decide if these claims are worth pursuing. While the calculator is extremely convenient, quick and easy to use, it is important to note that the figures it provides are only an estimate. The estimate provided is intended to give citizens an idea of what their claim might be worth; it is not intended to provide them with any exact figures.

If you have been wondering how much your payment protection insurance claim might be worth and whether or not it is worth pursuing, the ppi calculator can provide you with an estimate. Try it today!